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Treatment to restore and maintain function and wellbeing.

Specialist musculoskeletal assessment


Personalised rehabilitation


Western medical accupuncture

An initial assessment will be undertaken.  Dependent on your complaint, this may involve assessment of your range of movement, muscle length and strength, sensation, joint stability and proprioception. 

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing.  You will be asked to remove your top for neck and shoulder assessments.  Similarly, please bring shorts for knee and ankle assessments.

Treatment may involve a range of techniques including joint mobilisations, stretches, acupuncture and a home exercise programme.

Pre fabricated splints/orthotics may be suggested and where appropriate taping techniques will be taught.

Western medical acupuncture may be used in combination with other physiotherapy techniques.  

Within the scope of physiotherapy practice it can be used to support rehabilitation by reducing pain, neural irritation and muscle spasm. 

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